Scanning & Digitization

Scanning & Digitization refers to the process of scanning paper documents and converting those to electronic documents, i.e. PDF, JPEG, TIFF etc. After a certain time period, the records stored in physical form become headache for the organization. Generally there are chances of data being destroyed through moisture or mouse. So a huge space is also required for storing.

We digitize your files and make them searchable or even some time editable also. A defined set of process is being followed i.e. barcoding, de-stapling, scanning re-stapling, sorting, storing, image enhancement, cleaning and cropping, etc.

Our software programmers are capable enough to understand the requirement of your organization to customize the solution provided and scanned files can be stored in the DMS for retrieving in addition to providing the rights for viewing, printing and addition.

At this point of time we are having a wide experience for scanning of more than 4 5Million scans.Schematics offers a clean, safe and security cleared facility to properly care for and maintain your documents during their conversion process. We understand the importance of your document as well as the need for document privacy.

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