ID Card

We are Manufacturer and Supplier of Plastic Card Solutions (PVC Cards, ID Cards, Membership Cards, Card Holders, Lanyards & Digital Lanyards) The Company has the ability in the printing and supply of bulk products (like Plastic Cards, PVC ID cards, Magnetic Swipe Cards, Club Cards, Hotels Key Cards, Barcode Cards, Library Cards, Loyalty Cards, School Identity Cards, College ID Cards, Hospital ID Cards, and Insurance Cards, Thermal Printing on Smart Cards & Proximity (RFID) Cards, Plastic Visiting Cards, Card Holders, Lanyards with Screen Printing & Digital Printing etc.

Types of ID cards:

  • Government ID card
  • Organization ID card
  • Hospital ID card
  • Transportation ID Card
  • Collages and Schools ID card

Government ID card:- This card is provided by the Government.

Organization ID card :- Organization ID card is provided by the company owner since it is very important for security and safety. For example Staff ID card.

Hospital ID card: - Hospital ID card issue by Hospital Top management for safety security purpose.

Transportation ID card:- Transportation ID cards are issued by Transport department. For example bus ID card, railway ID card.

Collages and Schools ID card:- Colleges and Schools ID card issued by colleges and Schools top management (Vice Chancellor / Principal) to students and staff for safety and security purpose.